STUDIO 47 was founded with the aim of sharing the passion for fitness, nutrition and massage.
The private and international Fitness Studio, located in West Munich, offers a baby-friendly and welcoming atmosphere to do sport or enjoy a nice massage.
The personal training sessions can be 1:1 or with partner, the same for the post-natal / after pregnancy training that offers a workout 1:1 or in a small group of mums with their baby.
The private Fitness Studio offers also massage treatments to all female clients and all ages.
We speak English, Italian and German! We offer Mom and Baby, Mamma e Bambini, Mutter und Kind sport class!


Variety of Training – Through my work experience in a UK Fitness and Leisure Company, as well as personal experience, I can offer broad sets of different workout combinations and training techniques (e.g. HIIT, Resistance Training, Circuit Training, Latin-aerobic workout or anything else you might want to try).

Focused on mums – Back in 2019 I became mother and through the motherhood experience, I fully understood the needs and differences of training after labour. Now I am enthusiastic to share with other mums bespoke sessions of fitness to get back to shape after delivery or simply to have fun.

Personal interests – I love a variety of sport, such as running, playing Tennis, skiing, weight training, latin-dance and sailing. I have been working as Zumba Instructor in London and I love the idea of combining music, rhythmic elements and exercises.

Massage and Relaxation – In our workout session, we will be able to create the best environment that fits your personal workout preferences. Personally, after intensive exercise or just for the purpose of relaxing my body, I have often enjoyed massage treatments and relaxing techniques. That’s why, I decided to offer individual massage and advanced muscle relaxation sessions to complement the fitness offering.

Nutrition – I am also very enthusiastic about healthy food and nutrition as they will go hand in hand with achieving your goals. I am happy to provide guidelines for anyone who is interested in the dietary side as well.

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